A busy years sailing.

The time is coming to take arctic joy out of the water for winter, and start the care and repair.

VIRB Picture
VIRB Picture

It has been a steep learning curve this year, but a lot of fun and a tad of frustration. Severeal trips to Brixham, a couple to Dartmouth and even stretched my legs and got to Salcombe on one tide. I had hoped to sail further this year but work, teaching, and racing have limited the trips, though next year should give me my big trip. I am going to try and sail her up the coast of Norway, (from the Exe) and get as far North as the season allows.

But first the job list : antifoul, rub down and varnish the rudder, replace the halyards, remove the centreboard and replace the bushes and treat any corrosion, reproof the boom tent paint the bow locker and 50 other small jobs. Then there is work on me, I am of to Falmouth for winter to do a zero to hero  RYA Yachtmaster course with Cornish cruising. Yes, that means a winter of sailing in, well winter conditions and lots of navigation theory and practice. It will be tough, cold and wet, so will the trip, so maybe a taste of things to come..

VIRB Picture
VIRB Picture
VIRB Picture
VIRB Picture

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