Exmouth summer is over.

Well that is it for this summer in Exmouth. It has been a busy one on and off the water.

At Exe Sailing Club I have been helping with the junior race nights, splash nights, junior 3/4 training, Sailability, Wednesday night racing, the odd weekend race, 2/3 of the season racing aboard Exeat a Benetau 31.7 and finally much work and sailing aboard arctic joy my hawk 20. Throw in some part time work at Peter Dixons Chandelry in Exmouth and there wasn’t much spare time. Ooh almost forgot the racing aboard X332 Axeman out of Dartmouth, Yealm race and RTYC offshore week,  Moulin rouge themed racing around the Channel Islands and French coast with the odd social event thrown in!! I even managed to get myself qualified as a dinghy instructor, and have taught on various courses at the club, and finally got my day skipper ticket aboard Zephyr with Karen. Thank you to all involved it has been a lot of fun and a steep learning curve.

Now for the winter project, my Yachtmaster development course. It all kicks off tomorrow in Falmouth, so have packed my life into my container and have a car full of books, charts and wet weather gear for the early start tomorrow.

The course entails :

Phase 1

Saturday 3 Oct 15                VHF Radio (Inc GMDSS)                                 Classroom                                                                 1 Day
Sunday 4 Oct 15                  Radar                                                                   Classroom                                                                 1 Day
Sunday 4 Oct 15                  Familiarisation Week                                        Local Waters                    (125 Miles)                     5 Days
Saturday 10 Oct 15              Mileage Building/Seamanship Training       Channel Islands              (350 Miles)                     7 Days
Monday 19 Oct 15               RYA Day Skipper Theory                                 Classroom                                                                  5 Days
Sunday 25 Oct 15               RYA Day Skipper Practical                              Local Waters                     (125 Miles)                     5 Days
Saturday 31 Oct 15             Bareboat Charter                                               TBC                                     (200 Miles)                     7 Days

Phase 2

Saturday 14 Nov 15            RYA Diesel Engine                                           Classroom                                                                  1 Day
Saturday 14 Nov 15            Mileage Building / Seamanship Training     North Brittany                   (400 Miles)                      7 Days
Monday 23 Nov 15              RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Theory  Classroom                                                                 5 Days
Sunday 29 Nov 15              RYA Coastal Skipper Practical                       South Coast                     (125 Miles)                       5 Days
Sunday 6 Dec 15                STCW95 Fire Fighting/PSSR/First Aid/Survival at Sea                                                                   6 Days
Sunday 13 Dec 15              RYA Coastal Skipper Prep and Exam          Local Waters                      (125 Miles)                      6 Days

Phase 3

Saturday 2 Jan 16              Spinnakers                                                        Local Waters                                                                1 Day
Sunday 3 Jan 16                Mileage Building / Seamanship Training    Falmouth – London           (300 Miles)                      5 Days

Sunday 17 Jan 16              Mileage Building / Seamanship Training    London – Falmouth           (300 Miles)                      7 Days
Sunday 24 Jan 16              Bareboat Charter (Bavaria 36)                       South Coast                       (200 Miles)                       6 Days
Saturday 30 Jan 16            Yacht Husbandry                                             Classroom & Boats                                                      2 Days
Sunday 31 Jan 16              Mileage Building/Seamanship Training      Isles of Scilly                       (350 Miles)                       7 Days
Sunday 7 Feb 16                Yachtmaster Prep and Exam                          Local waters                        (125 Miles)                      6 Days

Phase 4

Monday 22 Feb 16             Motor Boat Course                                            South Coast                                                                  4 Days
Monday 29 Feb 16             RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory                   Classroom                                                                     5 Days
Saturday 5 Mar 16              RYA Power Boat Level 2                                                                                                                         2 Days
Sunday 6 Mar 16                RYA Instructor                                                   Local Waters                                                                 5 Days


I will do my best to keep updated how the courses go, what boats they let me play on.

Time to finish packing, and start the next challenge.

VIRB Picture
VIRB Picture